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Arrow PT & Rehabilitation is a physical treatment center, which aims to help patients rehabilitate and restore an active, painless lifestyle from chronic pain and injuries. Arrow PT & Rehabilitation is ready to provide individualized care and therapy for patients in New Jersey at three offices in Union, Edison, and Woodbridge.


Arrow Union PT, NJ. Your first option for PT provides personalized treatment programs in an atmosphere that is pleasant and supportive. Known for excellent patient satisfaction, the Arrow team provides a wide range of treatments guided by highly skilled therapists to give fast results to decrease your pain, enhance your mobility, and minimize your future injuries.


Rehabilitation Program of Arrow

The rehabilitation services of Arrow Union concentrate on personalized treatment tailored to your requirements. Whether you recover from surgery, pregnancy, and sports injury, require neurological restoration, or are looking for a trustworthy pediatric rehabilitation program, experienced experts from Arrow can offer the particular care you need to keep your life in motion.


Neuropathy Program of Arrow

Arrow union’s neuropathy program combines patient-tailored, practical PT with the advanced, non-invasive treatment of peripheral diabetic and post-chemo therapeutic neuropathy patients, MicroVAXTherapy (MVT).


Workers Compensation

Compensation for employees offers payments to workers who have been injured at work or are contracting a work-related disease. Every year, the workers’ compensation system in New Jersey affects more than 100,000 people directly. The compensation services of Arrow Workers may help you go back to work quicker.




Arrows were founded in 2003. The Arrow means the direction and the destination. The first step towards rehabilitation at Arrow PT & Rehabilitation is to establish realistic goals and find the best method to get there. We develop customized programs for our patients, and our staff accompanies each step on your road to recovery. Like an arrow, we can discover the most direct way to achieve your recovery objectives. Whenever you see the name and emblem of Arrow, know that we will assist you in achieving your objectives fast.


Three Basic PT Techniques for rotator cuff treatment

Your arm is moving on your shoulder, and your shoulder is moving on the rotating magnet. A rotating cuff is a muscle group that stabilizes the shoulder. Around 2 million individuals visit a doctor every year because of a rotating cuff issue. If you have discomfort in your rotating mango, it may make your arm uncomfortable and even tricky during the day.


Certain disorders affecting the rotator muscle, such as tendinitis, may become worse with time. The normal wear and tear of the rotor cuff mainly affect those over the age of 40. Non-operation, such as PT, may assist in addressing problems of wear and tear. Three methods are provided for physical therapists to treat your rotating cuff:

KOMEO Physical Therapy Fort Lee NJ

1.   Exercise


Even though it is painful, your body may be helped by exercise. You put less pressure on the rotator’s cuff by strengthening the surrounding muscles. Your physiotherapist may recommend that you train with dumbbells. Examples include making curls or elbow extensions. Rowing workouts are also helpful in the treatment of rotting mangoes.


2.   Stretching


To increase your range of motion, it is essential to stretch. A painful rotating mango may negatively impact your flexibility. An extension may make your muscles more limber. Your physical therapist can teach you the most successful stretches. These may depend on the exact location of your rotator mango tear.


3.   Pain treatment modalities


Physical therapists may utilize several pain management methods. Electric stimulation or infrared light treatment are more methods. These methods may assist in alleviating the symptoms of a painful rotating cuff.


Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is prepared to treat your rotator cuff condition.


Rotator mangoes are common but may be severely inhibiting. It may impair your capacity to carry out everyday activities and make life hard. Arrow Union’s professional Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation staff is ready to decrease pain and suffering in your rotating cuff. Your physical therapists may create a customized therapy strategy to manage your rotating handcuff problem.


For more information on physical rotator shoulder treatment or to book a first visit, contact Arrow’s staff today.


Arrow Physical Therapy Union Top Services

Arrow PT & Rehabilitation can help you return to your activities. We restore patients to their work, play, and life functionalities, from pre-operational and surgical rehabilitation to sports and neurological rehabilitation.


Our staff has the technology, resources, and techniques required to provide our patients the best level of treatment. We utilize scientific methods in modern conservative therapies to provide the best treatment programs for patients’ requirements. This procedure incorporates advanced diagnostic techniques for achieving the optimum prescription for therapy, such as motion examination and gait analysis. These programs are designed to assist our patients in improving their pain treatment, cure, and avoid future damage.


At-home care program

Arrow Physical Therapy provides excellent, one-on-one PT for your home comfort. Whether you recover from an accident or want to get treated without leaving your house, we are available for you!


Suppose you recently had an operation, battled a severe sickness, or have a continuous chronic disease treatment. In that case, we will make life a little easier when your immune system is most susceptible to external factors. Their therapists are proud to implement the high-quality treatment programs you would get from your home at one of their clinics.


Neurological rehab

Neurological rehabilitation is one of the most frequent rehabilitation kinds in Arrow PT and Rehabilitation. This kind of rehabilitation is a field of physiotherapy in which therapists try to help you recover function and freedom while coping with a nervous system illness or injury.


Individualized treatment plans

Arrow PT in Union is a clinic that helps people achieve their objectives and enhance their physical skills. Our goal is to offer the Union top physiotherapy and sports services. With our services, patients may achieve their maximum mobility and function while limiting their pain or suffering. Plan an appointment with us now to start to improve your physical skills and alleviate discomfort!





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